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Crisp Premium Distilling Malt, made from two-row spring barley, aims to deliver a high level of extract and fermentability, which combine together to provide the optimum level of predicted spirit yield (PSY).

The best malt whiskies are distilled from the best quality pot still malt. Crisp Malt select low protein 2-row spring distilling barleys to produce premium pot still malt. These barleys deliver the high level of extract and fermentability which combine to provide the optimum level of potential spirit yield.
Careful control of steeping and germination provide the correct balance of protein and cell wall modification and gentle kilning maintains the high level of enzyme activity required for excellent fermentability. Made from spring distilling approved varieties, our Premium Pot Still Malt is GN free to avoid any ethyl carbamate issues in the still.
Flavourful and high alcohol yielding, this malt is the workhorse of many
a Scottish distillery. 
The north east of Scotland produces especially low nitrogen barley which translates into excellent spirit yield in the distillery. With enough diastatic power to convert itself and other malts, you can combine it with Crisp speciality malts to create complex and layered whiskies.

Tasting Notes:

  • Neutral Malt Flavour

PSY (Predicted Spirit Yield):

  • 410 Litres of alcohol – per tonne

Pack Sizes:

  • 5 Kg Bag
  • 25 Kg Bag (SAVE 20% OFF 5 Kg Bag Price)
  • 1 MT Bulk Bag/Pallet (SAVE 48% OFF 5 Kg Bag Price) please direct all wholesale/bulk order inquiries to

Batch Analysis

Typical Analysis






4.5% max

4.5% min

4.5% max


310.0 L°/kg




77% as is



Predicted Spirit Yield

410 LAA/t




max 1.55%

max 9.7%

max 9.7%

SNR/KI/ST ratio




Friability 90% min 90% min 90% min