D-45 Premium Amber Candi Syrup™

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D-45 is a rich translucent amber syrup. Tested in Chimay clone's and Belgian Brown Ale's. The unmistakable toffee, vanilla, and toasted flavours that are magically created from raw beet sugar are what make D-45 Candi Syrup uniquely aromatic and delicious. Exceedingly good in Brown Ales or medium Golden Ale's that require an aromatic nose and subtle flavour.


  • Pouches - 1 lb / 454g - Easy to Open, Pour and Store!
  • Cartons - 20 x 1 lb / 454g (SAVE 15% OFF 1lb / 454g Single Pouch Price)
  • Pails - 50lb / 22.7Kg (SAVE 40% OFF 1lb / 454g Pouch Regular Price)


  • Beet sugar, water