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DistilaMax® MW is an active dry yeast for use in the production of malt whisky by fermentation of wort made from malted barley. It contains a selected strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae distillers’ yeast in a highly concentrated and stable form.

  • Temp Range 25°C – 33°C

  • Scotch style Whisky

  • Complexity

DistilaMax® MW has been selected especially for its ability to ferment maltose, maltotriose and other sugars of malted barley feedstock.

DistilaMax MW displays a good alcohol tolerance and performs very well up to 15% v/v.

DistilaMax MW is recommended for use in the production of Whisky (Scotch Whisky type), by fermentation of wort made from malted barley.

DistilaMax MW produces a congener profile that is well-suited to malted barley whisky including increased complexity and fruity characters.

DistilaMax® MW produces a spirit with a highly acceptable flavour profile, as adjudged by Malt Whisky Manufacturers.


  • DistilaMax® MW is suited for use in most malt whisky alcohol fermentations.
  • It is intended for use in fermentations of wort made from malted barley.
  • Effective fermentation over a varied range of operational conditions pH tolerance from 3.5-6.0.
  • Temperature tolerance from 20°C to 33°C (68°F to 91.4°F).


  • The optimal yeast dosage is variable according to individual distillery production processes.
  • Fermentation of malted barley for whisky production: 0.50 - 1.0 grams per litre of wort (dosage: 500 - 1000 ppm)

Instructions for Use:

  1. For rehydration, use a clean container. Do not use demineralized water.
  2. Rehydrate the yeast in clean water (the water should be 10 times the weight of the yeast and at a temperature of 32°C - 36°C).
  3. Suspend contents carefully by gently stirring and then wait for 15 - 20 minutes maximum (minimum 10 minutes) before moving onto the next step.
  4. Add this preparation to the wash. If there is a temperature difference of more than 8°C between the wash to be inoculated and the rehydration solution, add some wash slowly into the rehydration solution to reduce the temperature difference.
  5. Once the vacuum-sealed bag is open or broken, use yeast promptly.

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Storage, Handling and Packaging:

  • DistilaMax® MW should be stored in a dry area away from extreme temperature variations and moisture for maximum stability.
  • When stored under these conditions, the product is stable for 36 months from the date of manufacture.
  • 500g Foil

DISTILAMAX® MW Technical Data Sheet 

DISTILAMAX® MW Safety Data Sheet