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The new DualTemp Vest from Keg King has the most powerful solution wrapped up affordably and effectively when it comes to temperature control for fermenters, kegs or food fermentation vessels. 

Combine with the new Chilli Heating and Cooling Unit you can turn practically any small fermentation vessel into a temperature controlled, jacketed fermenter.

Jacketed fermenters are brewing industry standard equipment found in practically every modern brewery installation.

By creating a double wall on the fermenter body, the entire tank shell can then be flooded with temperature controlling glycol solution so the brewers can get the entire tank to hold their desired temperatures, warm, cold or even freezing, all without coming into direct contact with the fermenting beverage.

The DualTemp Vest is far more effective than the traditional coil based temperature controlling systems that rely upon a relatively small contact area of stainless steel tubing immersed within the liquid inside the fermenter to do the job of temperature control.

Our DualTemp Vest surrounds your fermenter, embracing the walls with a larger surface area than coil based temperature control,  providing a generous layer held right against your tank, emanating your desired temperature directly through the fermenter walls.  

With the DualTemp Vest, there isn’t any need to clean the jacket after fermentation because, unlike coils, there is no direct contact with the beverage.

You can also use our DualTemp Vest on other tanks and vessels, not just fermenters.

Use it on kegs or any vessels that you want to either keep warm or chill down and serve without a fridge or the need to buy bags of ice!

The Keg King DualTemp Vest provides a cleaner, larger surface contact area that's perfect for all your temperature control requirements.

Best Practice:

In order to use this fermentation jacket to its best capabilities, it will need to be used in a controlled environment such as with our

30L Keg King Apollo Fermenter Jacket (both Snub & Unitank)

60L Keg King Apollo Jacket (both Snub & Unitank)

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions 1220mm * 308mm
  • Material: PVC
  • Working temperature range: -5°C to 40°C
  • Content size: approx 2L

Recommended use with the following fermenters:

Recommended use with the following kegs: