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The brew tool you’ve been waiting for

Shows results in less than 5 seconds and is faster than an analog hydrometer.

EasyDens is a smart hydrometer for homebrewers, hobby distillers, and wine home producers. It determines wort extract/Plato from only 2 mL of sample, shows the results in seconds, and allows you to track your beer’s fermentation progress on your iOS or Android smartphone. EasyDens uses the renowned oscillating U-tube principle for quick and reliable measurement results. This technology is used by professional brewers all over the world and is now available to homebrewers.

New EasyDens determines:

  • Specific gravity (SG)
  • Extract (°Plato)
  • Alcohol in spirits (ABV)
  • Sugar (°Brix)
  • Density (g/cm³)

Advanced Features:

  • New compact design
  • Higher stability
  • Faster connection due to a new generation Bluetooth chip
  • Faster measurement
  • Higher accuracy
  • Dust and spray water protection (IP65 protection)


Full Specifications:

 Measuring range Extract: -10 %w/w to 40 %w/w
Sugar: -10 °Brix to 80 °Brix
Alcohol: 0 %v/v to 100 %v/v
Temperature: 5 °C to 30 °C / 41 °F to 86 °F
Specific Gravity: 0.7 to 1.2
Accuracy Extract: 0.3 %w/w
Sugar: 0.3 °Brix
Alcohol: 0.5 %v/v
Temperature: 0.2 °C / 0.4 °F
Specific Gravity: 0.001 (for aqueous solutions such as beer, wine, distilled spirits)
Resolution Extract/Sugar/Alcohol: 0.1 w/w/°Brix/%v/v
Temperature: 0.1 °C (0.1 °F)
Sample volume approx. 2 mL
Ambient temperature 5 °C to 35 °C (41 °F to 95 °F)
Communication interface Bluetooth Low Energy
Power supply Battery type two 1.5 V LR6 AA alkaline batteries or two AA NiMH rechargable batteries
Dimensions 101 mm x 58 mm x 44 mm (4 in x 2.3 in x 1.7 in)
Weight approx. 190 g (0.42 lbs)
Mobile operating system Android 5.1 and higher; iOS 13.0 and higher
Ingress protection IP65 according IEC 60529
App Brew Meister for EasyDens
Free: basic features and all measurement units unlocked
Free for 1 year: additionally all premium features


New EasyDens Instruction Manual and Safety Information

Includes: New EasyDens, batteries, syringe, waste hose, and adapter Luer

Please note: Free shipping might be delayed due to Covid-19. Imported from Europe.

Which measuring parameters can EasyDens deliver?

The EasyDens can deliver the following measuring parameters:

  • Density in g/cm³, not temperature-compensated
  • Specific Gravity Current Temperature, not temperature-compensated
  • Specific Gravity 20/20, temperature-compensated
  • Extract in °Plato for the determination of original extract and apparent extract, temperature-compensated
  • Alcohol content in percent by volume (ABV) and weight (ABW). Used for the determination of the alcohol content of binary aqueous alcohol solutions and distillates with a low extract content (e.g. spirits, gin, vodka, etc.). It is not possible to measure the alcohol content of beer, wine, or similar products due to their high extract content.
  • Sugar content (°Brix), temperature-compensated

Compatible App: Brew Meister for EasyDens (version 1.0.6 and above)


Anton Paar has been a partner in the beverage industry for decades and is the world’s leading provider of density and concentration meters in this industry. They deliver high-quality measurement technology, pure and simple.

With EasyDens, this high-end quality now reaches you straightforward as big science in a small box.

For all
Does the math
for you

In contrast to hydrometers, EasyDens determines the alcohol content in your spirits or the extract, sugar, and temperature of your beer or wine.

The results on your smartphone are temperature-corrected and displayed in °Plato/SG, %v/v alcohol, °Brix, and %w/w extract. Say goodbye to manual calculations and correction tables.  

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market leader

EasyDens performs a complete measurement in less than 5 seconds.

The heart of EasyDens is its oscillating U-tube measuring cell, a handcrafted, high-precision and long-lasting glass component that delivers the most accurate results.

THREE EASY STEPS FOR PERFECT RESULTS Simple, Quick, Reliable Fill your degassed sample into EasyDens and let it do the science for you. That’s it.

EasyDens Care: 2 Year Plan

EasyDens comes with a warranty of one year. EasyDens Care: 2 Year Plan extends that coverage for one additional year.

EasyDens Care: 2 Year Plan includes

  • One additional year of warranty (total of two years)
  • One incident of accidental damage protection
  • The incident is subject to a service fee of 99 EUR, plus applicable shipping and import fees
  • Service and support coverage
Attention: The plan is only valid when purchased within 30 days after purchasing the product EasyDens.  This plan must be purchased additionally online directly from 

EasyDens Care: 2 Year Plan