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The Easy Dens Waste Vessel is used to collect the liquid sample.

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  • Suitable for Silicone Hose 3 X 5 mm

    Material number: 17822

      EasyDens Care: 2 Year Plan

      EasyDens comes with a warranty of one year. EasyDens Care: 2 Year Plan extends that coverage for one additional year.

      EasyDens Care: 2 Year Plan includes

      • One additional year of warranty (total of two years)
      • One incident of accidental damage protection
      • The incident is subject to a service fee of 99 EUR, plus applicable shipping and import fees
      • Service and support coverage
      Attention: The plan is only valid when purchased within 30 days after purchasing the product EasyDens.  This plan must be purchased additionally online directly from 

      EasyDens Care: 2 Year Plan