Elbow Bend Low Profile for 50L Keg Coupler


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Low Profile Elbow Bend - "THE LOWEST" elbow bend available in Australia.

Sits 17mm above the top of the keg coupler. Perfect for tight spaces or inside a Kegerator.

This Low Profile Elbow does not include any washers/seals if you do not have any spare ones you will need one to enable no leaks, a 5/8 Silicone Washer Seal for Keg Coupler and Tap Shank is the the one you should use.

Made from solid stainless steel

5/8" Female to 5/8" Male right angle adaptor.  This elbow is used to lower the overall height of the liquid output side of A-Type couplers. 

This allows taller A-Type Kegs to fit comfortably inside a Kegerator.

Note: Does not include coupler or seal/washer