Elder Berries | Sambucus Nigra


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Once distilled, Elder berries keep much of their tarty nature. Deep jam-like tones are created and as a botanical, they are perfect to add a rich depth to the heart of a gin. They pair particularly well with resinous types of juniper (typically from Macedonia) as when combined, can give a booming forest fruit flavour to the mix.

Elder berries, Sambucus nigra, will impart a beautiful, deep red/purple to your infusions, as well as a not overly sweet, grounded earthy/berry flavor. Bulk whole elderberries are perfect for adding character to your gins or vodkas, try it with a hint of lemon peel!

Elder berries are widely found in gin, vodka, wine, brandy and mead.


  • Whole Berries Dried

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Common Names used: Elderberry or Elder Berries

Botanical Name: Sambucus Nigra

Country of Origin: Ukraine