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More subtle in character, Ella™ (previously known as Stella) packs less of an upfront punch than her big sister Galaxy™, but is no less of a star. The changing faces of Ella™ make her an intriguing hop to experiment with. In lower doses, Ella™ can display floral and subtle spice notes, such as star anise, which is best appreciated in lagers or pilsners. With larger additions or when dry hopping, Ella™ imparts distinct tropical flavours which can be used to offset robust malt and yeast characters in many styles.


  • Type 90 Hop Pellets

Pack Sizes:

  • 100g
  • 250g (SAVE 10% OFF 100g Price)
  • 500g (SAVE 15% OFF 100g Price)
  • 1Kg (SAVE 20% OFF 100g Price)
  • 5Kg (SAVE 30% OFF 100g Price)


Ella’s™ story is similar to half-sister Galaxy™; however this time the male parent hop was derived from Spalt. Born in Victoria in 2001, her star quality was notable even as a seedling, so her brewing assessment was accelerated and she was unveiled to brewers for trials in 2007. Her early appearances revealed strong floral, noble hop character complemented with a delicious spicy finish. Making a great first impression, brewers couldn’t get enough of Ella ™ and she was fast-tracked into commercial production.


  • Grapefruit
  • Tropical
  • Spice
  • Star Anise

Brewing Values:


Ella™ Data Sheet

  • Harvest: 2022 Batch: TX139 Alpha 17.4% Moisture 8.1% Oil Content: 2.5mL/100g ON SPECIAL PRICE!
  • Harvest: 2023 Batch: TY163 Alpha 17.5% Oil Content: 2.7mL/100g
  • Beta acids (%) 4.8 - 7.8
  • Alpha/Beta Ratio 2.1 - 3.2
  • Cohumulone (% of alpha acids) 34 - 38
  • Total Oils (ml/100g) 2.4 - 3.4
  • Oil Concentration (microliters of oil/g alpha) 180 - 209

Brewers Notes:

Russ Gosling, Head Brewer Little Creatures, Fremantle, “We’d been searching for ‘hop nirvana’ when we found Ella™ a few years ago. Adding her to our previously Cascade dominant pale ale gave it a stewed fruity flavour that really appealed to me, and our customers palates.” Mike Magee, Head Brewer, Eight Degrees, “My first brew with HPA hops was one of our most popular beers, our Amber Ella which uses Ella™, Galaxy™ and a little Simcoe. We were delighted at how it turned out, even more so when it took out a medal at the World Beer Cup this year. In particular we enjoyed how the Ella™ and Galaxy™ interact – they both have tropical fruit notes but the Ella™ has a nice spicy edge which tempers the Galaxy ™ beautifully.”

In the brewery:

Ella™ is an intriguing hop to experiment with, showing you floral and subtle spice notes when dosed in smaller quantities which apply well in a variety of lagers. With increased aromatic additions and dry hopping, Ella™ imparts a distinct grapefruit and tropical flavour useful in heavier malt bills or highly hopped styles. With high levels of essential oils, Ella™ presents  a number of options; pare her back to add depth, but let her loose and you’ll get a big tropical flavour to your beers.

Style Guidance:

  • Lagers
  • Pilsners
  • Ales
  • Pale Ales
  • IPA
  • XPA

Craft Beer Examples:

Hop Flavour Spectrum