Emily - Hand Held Bottle Capper


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The ORIGINAL capper and well known all over the world is the FERRARI “EMILY" red capper (aka the "Red Baron"). 

Ferrari two-lever cappers are made of high-tech plastic raw material - in comparison to the old style cappers made of heavy Metal.

Ferrari's Emily cappers are made of nylon and very flexible plastic raw material, to suit better the neck of bottles without breakage -, special bell cups, allowing best capping for craft beers too.

The Ferrari Group Emily Capper is a nylon lever capper of advanced patented design, with a gear-driven capping head that makes capping easier, as less force is required to crimp the steel bottle cap.

In addition, the handles are wider than on other lever cappers, and a return spring surrounding the capping head makes the capper automatically release when capping is completed.

The Emily Capper will cap with ease and fits your standard 26mm Crown Seal beer bottles, cider and mead making.

This product is manufactured by the Ferrari Group in Italy.

Ferrari Group have been producing the larger range of cappers since 1954. 


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Made of high-tech plastic raw material
  • Wider handles
  • Spring return