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New England Style Ale Yeast. This is a great strain to ferment ales of a great variety. It can be neutral to make malt driven beers, and it excels in enhancing the aromas from hops, offering a subtly balanced palate with a hint of fruitiness and a touch of sweetness in the finish as it has medium-low attenuation capacity. As such it is great for producing complex and flavourful English-style ales, such as bitters, pale ales, and IPAs. Based on malt bill and dry hop scheduling, this yeast is exceptional at promoting a stable and fine hazy along with a high level of fruity esters, including notes of stone fruit, tropical fruit, and pear. It is our preferred strains for hazy beers. Excellent substitute for yeast strains such as: Wyeast 1318, WLP013, SafAle S-04, Omega Yeast OYL-006, Imperial Yeast A09 Pub.

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