FerMonster™ Wide Mouth 23 Litre 6 Gallon PET Fermenter

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The FerMonster™ Wide Mouth 23 Litre 6 Gallon PET Fermenter is the World’s Biggest Wide-Mouth Carboy! Easy to clean, with smooth, rib-less sides and 10cm / 4” wide mouth you can fit your hand right in.  Easy to fill, which means less spillage and need for additional equipment. Easy to measure with the It is easy to measure with 19 L (5-Gallon) and 23 L (6-Gallon) markings. Best of all - it’s built right. You can use this for primary or secondary fermentation. The lid is
constructed as one piece, providing a perfect, airtight seal.

To enable easy cleaning, the FerMonster features smooth sides which aids in reducing residual yeast and sediment build-up. A 10cm wide mouth opening reduces spillage and the need for additional equipment when filling or cleaning.  With its smooth, rib-less sides and 10 cm wide mouth you can fit your hand right in for easy cleaning.

The FerMonster™ Wide Mouth 23 Litre 6 Gallon PET Fermenter also fits our #10 Rubber Stopper SKU# 55552 (not included).

NOTE: Please do not use water exceeding 52ºC when cleaning or sanitising.

The punted bottom allows sediment to collect to the sides so that you can siphon liquid from the center. Because they are made from virgin PET plastic they nearly unbreakable and a lot safer than similar glass carboys. Also notice the conical top which reduces surface area if you plan to store beer or wine long term.

Made from heavy PET plastic, the same material used in 2L soda bottles, which is nearly impermeable to oxygen penetration. Due to the thickness of the material and the overall geometry the FerMonster™ does not require ribs or dimples for stability. That results in a super smooth interior surface that reduces yeast and sediment buildup making it the easiest to clean, most sanitary PET carboy on the market. The huge 10cm / 4" opening makes filling a breeze, and cleanup is as easy as wiping down the inside. FerMonsters™ are easily moved by hand.

The FerMonster™ is completely airtight and the lids sealed tight with an O-Ring.

Additional O-Rings and Lids both with and without holes are available for purchase, see our You Might Also Need items below.

FerMonster Features include:

  • 4" wide mouth carboy - easy to clean!
  • Food grade PET plastic construction is nearly impermeable to oxygen penetration
  • No hard to clean dimples or ribs
  • Volume Markers at 19 L (5-Gallon) and 23 L (6-Gallon) 
  • Punted bottom
  • O-Ring and Lid with one hole is included (Fits #10 Stopper)
  • Additional O-Rings and Lids available
  • Weight: < 1Kg empty
  • Temperature Limit: 52ºC 140° F NB: These are PLASTIC!
  • Height: 49 cm / 19.25 inches
  • Diameter: 29cm / 11.25 inches
  • Completely taste and odor free
  • Perfect for Beer, Wine, Cider, Mead, Kombucha or any other fermented beverage!

Cleaning and Sanitising Your FerMonster Carboy:

Follow these steps:

  1. Always sanitize all the equipment before first use and after finishing rinse it promptly with a jet of tap water to remove any material left on it. You can use a garden hose nozzle or a bottle washer that can be attached to your sink faucet. (Use special care not to scratch the inner walls of your PET Carboy.)  DO NOT use an abrasive brush because it can scratch the inner surface of your PET Carboy. Agitation and careful rubbing (with non-abrasive materials) should suffice to facilitate the washing process. If you use hot water, do not exceed 52 ºC (125 Fº) because it is dangerously hot and could damage the equipment. Remember you are sanitizing, not sterilizing.
  2. To sanitize your PET Carboy, use a suitable sanitizing agent (see below for a list of recommended agents) and follow manufacturer’s instructions. Fill the carboy with the solution and agitate it several times. Do not leave the sanitizing agent in your PET Carboy soaking for long periods of time. Sanitizing agents generally require short contact times - typically only a matter of minutes - to be effective. Drain the solution and repeat process if necessary, then rinse. Soap is never recommended as it leaves residue.
  3. Rinse your PET Carboy with water until it is free of any sanitizing residue or odours and make sure it is completely dry prior to storage

Suggested list of products for sanitizing:

  1. Star San or Stella San
  2. Saniclean
  3. Sodium Percarbonate
  4. PBW or Stella Clean PBW