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Yeast: Dry

We all love a hoppy West Coast IPA and there are many great examples out there so when one of our customers asked us to whip up another special BeerCo IPA Recipe Kit that pays 'homage' to some of the world's best brewers of the style we thought we would tip our hat in two directions at once if that is at all possible. We hop you love brewing Fresh Jack as much as we love putting this pack together for you! First hat tip is to the founders and brewers of Deschutes' for bringing the world Fresh Squeezed IPA and more importantly sharing with humble homebrewers like us and you how to have a crack at brewing your own at home. We did take a lot from their hopping regime, however we did not fully replicate their malt bill opting to tip our hat to someone else we admire for sharing his knowledge of how to brew great beer, so we opted for a malt bill not dissimilar to the one used by Matt Brynildson at Firestone Walker in his Union Jack IPA. We hop you love Fresh Jack IPA as much as we love building and sharing the recipe and kit with you to brew your own at home :-). Let us know what you think? Give the beer a "review after you brew" and make sure you #brewhappy and #drinkhappier and always responsibly! on with the show!

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Fresh Jack IPA

an All Grain American IPA by Dermott Dowling (last revision Apr 2019)

Vital Stats:

  • 1.066 OG
  • 1.012 FG
  • 69 IBU
  • 15 EBC
  • 7.20% ABV
  • 1.046 Balance
  • 21 litre brew length
  • 60 minute boil
  • Single Infusion Mash - 72% Efficiency


6.5 kg Total Grist - 100%


Amount  Hop        Time Use Form AA

  • 25 g Mosaic (AU) 60 min Boil Pellet 13.1%
  • 30 g Citra (US) 5 min Boil Pellet 13.2%
  • 30 g Mosaic™ (US) 5 min Boil Pellet 13.1%
  • 50 g Citra (US) 3 days Dry Hop Pellet 13.7%
  • 45 g Mosaic™ (US) 3 days Dry Hop Pellet 12.5%



  1. Mash – the brewer should do normal mash regime, mashing at 66 C for at least 65 mins
  2. Sparge – once again the brewer should do normal regime at around 76C
  3. Boil – vigorous boil for 60 mins. You may want to boil for 90 mins if time permits with first bittering hop addition at 60 mins.
  4. Hops: Add 25g of Mosaic @60 mins, 30g of Citra @ and 30 g of Mosaic @5 mins from end of boil.
  5. Pitch Yeast & Fermentation – Aerate well and ferment at 18C until FG is reached or terminal gravity is table for two days.
  6. Yeast off and dry hop after primary for 72 hours with 2g/L each of Citra and Mosaic
  7. Crash chill and bottle or keg as normal.
  8. Mature for 10 days before carbonating.

Sauces of Brewspiration:

Based on Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA and Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA and methods outlined by The American Homebrewers Association For a good podcast on how to brew styles and beers like Union Jack IPA tune into the following episode of the Jamil Show - Can You Brew it