Gladfield Ale Malt


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Bag Size: 5 Kg

Gladfield Ale malt is made from Autumn grown 2-row barley varieties. The malt is fully modified through a traditional long cool germination. Only plump low protein barley is used which allows for a higher extract potential and helps eliminate haze issues in your beer. This is a highly friable malt but again the soluble nitrogen ratios are kept relatively low to enhance mouth feel and head retention. The kilning regime gives a nice toasty character with enhanced maltiness for dark ales. This can be toned down for a cleaner malt profile for a lighter hoppy pale ale by adding small amounts of Pilsner malt. A single step mash of between 64° and 67°C is sufficient to avoid any lautering problems and obtain good extract however multi step mashes may improve extract potential and improve stability in the bottle. It is important that mash pH is controlled properly to obtain the best efficiencies and desired outcomes.

Certificate of Analysis:

Specification (EBC Test Method)

  • Moisture (%) Max 5 Typical Analysis 3.5
  • Extract - Fine Dry min% 79 Typical Analysis 80.5
  • Extract - Coarse Dry Typical Analysis 79.5
  • Extract - Fine As-is Typical Analysis 78.0
  • Extract - Coarse As-is Typical Analysis 77.0
  • Saccharification time 10 Typical Analysis 10
  • Odour Typical Analysis normal
  • Wort Colour 5.0 - 6.0 Typical Analysis 5.7
  • Total Nitrogen (%) 1.35 - 1.65 Typical Analysis 1.5
  • Kolbach Index 35.0 - 41.0 Typical Analysis 38
  • pH 5.7 - 6.0 Typical Analysis 6.0
  • Diastatic Power (WK) min. 150 Typical Analysis 190
  • FAN (mg/l) min 120 Typical Analysis 130
  • Friability (min) % 85 Typical Analysis 93
  • Glassy Corns (max) % 2 Typical Analysis 0.5
  • P.U.G (max) % 5 Typical Analysis 1.5

Additional Information

Typical Use:

Base malt for many beer styles with distinct English character.

Usage Rate Guidance:

  • Up to 100%

Complementary malts:

  • All malts

Substitute Malt:

  • Maris Otter Malt

Packaging Options:

  • 5 Kg bags
  • 25 Kg bags (SAVE 21% on 5 Kg Price)

Shelf Life:

At least one year when properly stored in dry conditions.