Gladfield Gladiator Malt


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Gladfield Gladiator Malt is a dextrin malt specially developed to provide extra foaming stability, mouth feel and body to the beer without adding too much colour. Like Gladfield Crystal malts Gladiator has a high amount of unfermentable sugars. These unfermentable sugars will help increase the final gravity and improve beer stability. The final processing of the malt has been done in such a way to reduce colour build up. Because of this Gladiator has proved very popular for use in a wide range of beer styles.


  • Moisture (%) Max 5
  • Extract - Fine Dry 82%
  • Wort Colour Range (EBC) 5 – 10
  • Typical Wort Colour (EBC) 8

Additional Information

Typical Use:

Use to provide extra foam stability, body and mouthfeel to the finished beer without too much colour. This malt has a high amount of unfermentables and is great for any beer style.

Usage Rate Guidance:

  • Up to 15% of the Grist

Complementary Malts:

  • All Malts

Packaging Options:

  • 1 Kg bag
  • 5 Kg bag (SAVE 20% OFF 1 Kg Price)
  • 25 Kg sack (SAVE 36% OFF 1 Kg Price)

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