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Gladfield Rye Malt is produced from Canterbury plains, New Zealand grown rye corn. Rye does not have an outer husk so it benefits from a finer mill setting than other Gladfield malted barley. Gladfield Rye Malt is malted with the same care as all the Gladfield malts and modifies beautifully in the kiln. This malt infuses the traditional light spicy rye flavours and colour to beers and gives the drinker a clean, dry mouth feel when drunk. Note that Rye does not have a husk so it can be milled finer than other Gladfield Malted Barley and will benefit from a finer mill setting.

What is it?

  • Malted rye corn

How does it taste?

  • Plain, moderately nutty and slightly bready.

What does it add to the beer?

  • Clean dry mouthfeel, and traditional light rye spice

Typical Beer Styles:

  • Roggenbier
  • Rye IPA
  • Rye Lager
  • Rye Pale Ale

Typical Usage Rates:

  • Up to 50%

EBC Test Method


Moisture (max) % 6
Extract - Fine Dry min% 81
Saccharification time 10
Wort Colour 4 - 10
Total Nitrogen (%) 1.6 - 1.9
Kolbach Index 40 - 60
pH 5.7 - 6.2

Additional Information


  • Adds colour, spicy flavours and mouth feel to the beer

Usage Rate Guidance:

  • We recommend a starting percentage of 10% that can then be increased up to 50% for more rye flavour. Up to 50%

Complementary malts:

Package Options Available:

  • 1 Kg bag
  • 5 Kg Bag (SAVE 20% on 1Kg Bag RRP)
  • 25 Kg Sack (SAVE 40% on 1Kg Bag RRP)

Shelf Life:

At least one year when stored properly in dry conditions.

Homebrew Recipes:

US & AU Craft Beer Examples:

For some more guidance and tips on brewing with Rye at home go to: and for some recipe tips go to: and here is a recipe we brewed and liked a lot 'the Grim RRIPA'

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