Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing


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Historical Brewing Techniques: The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing By: Lars Marius Garshol

Ancient brewing traditions and techniques have been passed generation to generation on farms throughout remote areas of northern Europe. With these traditions facing near extinction, author Lars Marius Garshol set out to explore and document the lost art of brewing using traditional local methods. Equal parts history, cultural anthropology, social science, and travelogue, this book describes brewing and fermentation techniques that are vastly different from modern craft brewing and preserves them for posterity and exploration.

Learn about uncovering an unusual strain of yeast, called, which can ferment a batch to completion in just 36 hours. Discover how to make by baking the mash in the oven. Explore using juniper boughs for various stages of the brewing process. Test your own hand by brewing recipes gleaned from years of travel and research in the farmlands of northern Europe. Meet the brewers and delve into the ingredients that have kept these traditional methods alive. Discover the regional and stylistic differences between farmhouse brewers today and throughout history.