Hop Bomb - Stainless - 70mm Diameter with 40cm Chain


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The Stainless Hop Bomb is ideal for containing pelleted hops or hop flowers. Hop Bomb can fit up 30 grams of pelleted hops in the bomb, at 30 grams it will approximately half fill the hop bomb leaving enough space for the hops to move and for you to get efficient extraction of the hop bitterness and aroma. Ideal for hop additions in the boil. The 30 cm stainless chain can be used to attach the hop bomb to the side of your boil kettle or pot. The hop bomb is also ideal for use inside 19L kegs if you have a lid with an internal hook like our 19L Premium New Kegs which includes a tab/hook under the lid designed specifically for attaching dry hopping bombs like these.

Features & Specifications:

Made from:

  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel

Bomb Size:

  • approximately 70mm diameter

Chain Length:

  • approximately 40cm