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CSR INVERT SYRUP is pale coloured sweetener prepared by the acid hydrolysis of a solution of white refined sugar. Following hydrolysis (“inversion”), the syrup is partially neutralised before delivery. Invert Syrup contains equal proportions of the invert (reducing) sugars: glucose and fructose. It has a wide application and is particularly useful where high concentrations of invert sugars are required.

The crystal-inhibiting characteristics and humectant properties (retention of moisture) means that the shelf life of many products can be extended by the use of Invert Syrup in product formulations. It has a high degree of sweetening power relative to sucrose.

Invert Sugar is a brewing adjunct (unmalted source of fermentable extract).  It is manufactured by converting sucrose (derived from cane or beet sugar) with either acids or enzymes to produce a mixture of glucose and fructose. It is called invert sugar because the sugar solution before the conversion (called inversion or hydrolysis) rotates the plane of polarized light in one direction and following inversion rotates the solution in the opposite direction.

Fructose and glucose are monosaccharides and are rapidly used by brewer’s yeast strains. Liquid invert sugar can be stored at a higher solids content than liquid sucrose or sugar, making it easier for brewers to handle.

Some brewers claim that inverting sucrose prior to addition to the boiling wort results in more rapid fermentation and produces beer with superior head formation.

CSR Invert Sugar can be used as an adjunct in brewing and distilling and as a source of fermentables for Hard Seltzers.

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Invert Syrup (cane sugar 72%, water 28%)

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