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Kunzea offers a unique flavour and aroma profile that can enhance both brewing and distilling processes. In brewing, Kunzea leaves can be added during various stages, imparting a subtle yet distinctive herbal and slightly floral note to beverages. The aromatic qualities of Kunzea make it a compelling choice for craft beers and botanical-infused spirits.
For distilling, Kunzea can be used in the production of essential oils, capturing its aromatic essence. The resulting oil is characterized by a refreshing, clean scent with hints of eucalyptus, reminiscent of the Australian bush where Kunzea is native. This oil can be employed in the creation of gin, liqueurs, or other distilled spirits to introduce a unique regional flair.
The flavour and aroma of Kunzea can be described as a harmonious blend of herbal, floral, and eucalyptus notes, making it a versatile botanical for creative brewers and distillers aiming to craft beverages with a distinctively Australian character.