Lemon Lime | Vlavour™ | Citrus limon Citrus aurantifolia


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Size: 200g

Lemon Lime | Vlavour™ | Citrus limon is a Vacuum Distillate flavour extraction from fresh Australian Grown Eureka Lemons and Limes that is remarkably "true to type".  Lemon Vlavour™ has a floral sweet lemon sherbet nose with preserved lemon finish balanced out with the refreshing of Lime. Rich pallet with full, true to type, pallet due to the use of whole Australian eureka lemons and limes as raw material. Long finish with aromatic oily depth.  Lemon Lime | Vlavour™ | Citrus limon Citrus aurantifolia is a Vacuum Distillate flavour extraction from whole fresh eureka lemons and limes giving a unique and wholesome flavour profile for the beverage enthusiast.

The Eureka lemon, more properly called Garey's Eureka, is descended from the Sicilian lemon and is a more acidic, thick-skinned variety.  Eureka lemons are highly valued for their aromatic, oily rind, balanced sweet and sharp flavor, and consistency in size and appearance.  Eureka lemons are versatile, used by chefs and home cooks in culinary preparations, and mixologists in various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Limes originated in India or Southeast Asia and came to Europe by the fifteenth century. With half the sugar content of lemons, and slightly more acid, they play a distinct role in cocktails. Chemical analysist of limes shows that they are higher in linalool and α-Terpineol, two rich floral flavours, and that the peel contains oils that add a warm, spicy note.

Lemon Lime | Vlavour™ | Citrus limon Citrus aurantifolia is a novel product with impressive flavour and aroma along with the visuals and product story to match. Incorporate Australian grown iconic citrus fruits in your next beverage.  Exclusively available to Brewers and Distillers and Alcohol Beverage Manufacturers from BeerCo.com.au

You will find Lemons and Limes widely used in the beverage industry both in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Everything from Gins and Vodkas to Hard Seltzers, RTDs and Hard Lemonade.  Why not incorporate some "true to type" Lemon Lime Vlavour™ in your next liquid libation?

Positive Attributes:

The distillate is completely clear which make it well suited for beverage application requiring optical clarity but also requiring authentic lemon flavour.


The immediate sourness of the lemon and the tangy bitterness of the lime combine in a way that is distinctly recognisable and highly refreshing. The finish is rich and limoncello like.


  • Liquid

Pack Size:

  • 200g (approx. enough for 500 Litres of finished beverages)
  • 1 Kg (SAVE 20% OFF 200g Price) (approx. enough for 2,500 Litres of finished beverages)
  • 4 Kg (SAVE 14% OFF 1Kg Price) (approx. enough for 10,000 Litres of finished beverages)
  • 10 Kg (SAVE 20% OFF 1Kg Price) (approx. enough for 25,000 Litres of finished beverages)

Usage Guidance:

  • Typical addition rates: 0.5 to 5g per 1 Kg of finished beverage (0.05% - 0.5%)
  • Note: Recommended addition not to exceed 20g of Vlavour Vacuum Distillate per 1Kg of finished product
  • Add as close to kegging/bottling/canning as possible to maximise aromatic retention in finished product.

Usage Examples:

  • Canned Cocktails
  • Gin
  • Hard Lemonades
  • Hard Seltzers
  • Premix Spirits
  • Sour Beers
  • IPAs
  • Vodka

Raw material to extraction:

  • Approx. 0.4g of raw material per gram of Vlavour™

Raw material - Country of Origin:

  • Australia
  • Made in Australia from Locally Grown Fresh Eureka Lemons & Limes

Vlavour™ Composition:

  • 70% ethanol
  • 30% raw material extracts and water

Shelf Life:

  • 12 months from date of manufacture

Storage Recommendations:

  • Store refrigerated


  • Availability: Generally year round but limes supply can be tight in winter.