Low Volume CIP Spinning Spray Rotor

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Behold the cutting-edge Low Volume CIP Spray Motor--an affordable, low-flow spray head suitable for 6w up to 25w low voltage pumps. This remarkable spray head offers ample uses for all stages of your brew day. Install it to your 35L, 65L or 100L BrewZilla (for use with other brands, too!).  Simply cut/purchase the suitable length of recirculation hosing, and test with water to gauge the optimal length. Start off by using a glass lid to assess pressure and coverage.e. 

What can it do?

Clean In Place your home brewery. Simply cut your recirculation hosing, or purchase additional silicone hosing to get the right length for your setup. You will be able to find the optimum length required by testing with water first. We found great success using the glass lid to start with to see if it is coating everything that you need it to.


  • 1 x Custom moulded rotating spray head with 1/2" BSP thread
  • 1 x 300mm length silicon tubing suitable for your BrewZilla recirculation arm
  • 1 x Stainless nut and barb

Please note:The rotating spray head can only be used in the downwards position, it cannot be tilted or mounted sideways or upside down.