Mangrove Jack's | Carbonation Drops | 200g - (approx. 60 drops per pack)


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Mangrove Jack's Carbonation Drops for fast easy bottling, carbonation drops takes the guesswork out of priming your beer and completely replaces priming sugar.

Size: 200gm packet, approx 60 drops.


  • Use 1 drop for 330-350mL bottle or "stubby"
  • 2 drops per 650mL, 750mL or 800mL bottle or "bomber"
  • 3 drops per 1.25L bottle or "softie"
  • 4 drops per 2.0L bottle or "Pub Pet" or "Growler"


Sugar, glucose syrup (from corn).

Made in New Zealand from Imported and Local Ingredients.