Mangrove Jack's | Wine Yeast Nutrient | 23.5g


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Mangrove Jack's Wine Yeast Nutrient is a diammonium phosphate-based yeast nutrient complex that supports yeast health to improve fermentation of wine from grape or other fruit juice.

Yeast nutrients aid in providing an optimal environment for yeast to thrive in, leading to an all-around happier, healthier, and faster fermentation. The use of yeast nutrients can improve the overall flavour, aroma, and quality of the final product, helping your customers produce consistent wine every time.

Directions for use:

Add sachet contents to 15-23 L (4-6 US Gal) of juice must and stir well to dissolve, then pitch yeast and ferment according to instructions on yeast packaging.

Batch Size: 15-23 L (4-6 US Gal)

Total Nitrogen: Minimum 14% in solution

GMO Status: GMO Free

Net Weight: 23.5 g (0.83 oz)


Diammonium phosphate, yeast hulls, yeast extract, vitamins, trace minerals.


A crucial factor in producing a high-quality brew is yeast health. Yeast needs to be provided with the optimal environment for it to thrive and carry out a healthy and happy fermentation, leading to a great brew.

Another key factor in yeast health is the use of yeast nutrients. Yeast nutrients are substances added to a brew which help support the growth and vitality of yeast during the fermentation process, leading to some these great benefits:

Healthier Fermentation

The addition of yeast nutrients to a brew can help ensure a more complete fermentation. Yeast needs certain nutrients to grow and reproduce, and to properly ferment the sugars in the wort/juice. Without enough nutrients, the yeast may not be able to complete fermentation, leaving behind unfermented sugars and other compounds that can negatively affect the taste and quality of the final product.

Improved Flavour and Aroma

When yeast is stressed during fermentation, it can produce off-flavours and aromas in the final product. Yeast nutrients help to reduce stress on the yeast by providing the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and fermentation. This can lead to a cleaner, more consistent flavour and aroma.

Increased Alcohol Content

Yeast nutrients can also help increase the alcohol content of a brew. Yeast requires certain nutrients to properly function and convert sugars into alcohol. By providing these nutrients, the yeast can more efficiently convert the sugars in the wort /juice into alcohol, resulting in a higher alcohol content.

Shorter Fermentation Time

When yeast has access to the necessary nutrients, it can ferment the sugars more quickly and efficiently, reducing the overall fermentation time.

Consistency in Wine Making

Using yeast nutrients can help to create consistency in your brewing process. By ensuring that the yeast has the necessary nutrients, you can produce more consistent results from batch to batch. This can help you to refine your winemaking techniques and create a more consistently high-quality product.