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The MKX C02 Gas Regulator boasts a range of impressive features, including 65PSI Operation with a Green 70PSI Pressure Relief Valve for higher pressure processes and dependable pressure relief at 65PSI. Further, operators can select from a 6mm Barb Fitting or a DM Push-in Fitting for seamlessness. Plus, the unit has improved durability with enhanced gauge protection on high and low pressure gauges.

The Keg King Fully Encapsulated Seat Technology guarantees a contamination-free MKX regulator. Its UHMWPE material is superior to plumber's tape and ensures chemical stability. Count on reliable double filtration, from the gas input and a sintered filter on the seat cap. No matter the gas - CO2, Oxygen, Argon or Nitrogen - MKX Gas Regulators are up for the job.

Enjoy the big advantages of MKX! Constructed with ultra-durable brass and suitable for multiple gasses, it boasts a huge body like the MKIII for unrivalled flow and accuracy. Intuitively tweak pressures with the easy-to-use adjustment knob, and keep an eye on each with the regulator’s dual gauges. Compatible with CO2, Oxygen, Argon, Helium and Nitrogen, the Type 30 Nut and Stem for CO2 and CO2/nitrogen mixed gasses come included. Get the best of everything with MKX!

Other nut and stems can be interchanged:

Protect your regulator from liquids travelling back from your kegs by ALWAYS putting a one-way check valve in place, no matter which regulator your draft system uses!