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No[Ox] is an "alternative to casein"and, to that end, the first non-allegernic, biodegradable formulation that contains no substances from animal or artificial origins.  It has been developed for its anti-oxidant properties, whether with must or with wine.

No[Ox] is a truly innovative clarification product that is natural, biodegradable, non-allergenic and contains no substances from animal or artificial origins.

Found in numerous living organisms, chitin is the most common polysaccharide after cellulose.

Amongst the polysaccharides used by humans, chitin and its principal by-products, chitosan and chitin-glucan, are becoming more and more important.

Pack Size:

  • 1Kg Foil Bag

Oenological Applications:

No[Ox] is a 'technological auxillary' consisting of polysaccharides of vegetable origin (by-products of chitin) and bentonite that assists the rapid sedimentation of the complex.

No[Ox] has been developed especially to be used with both must and wine.  It is intended for musts of white wine that have a tendancy to oxidation (e.g. spoiled grape harvests) or for wines, even when oxidated.

No[Ox] helps remove the brown colouration that forms a visual wine fault.  It removes caramel and Madeira notes, bringing freshness to the wine, whilst reducing the vegetal notes and bitterness often associated with oxidation problems.

Instructions for use:

Disperse No[Ox] in 10 times its own volume of water over about an hour whilst stirring.  There must be no lumps.

Incorporate this suspension into the must or wine through the top of the barrel and blend it in by drawing off and returning the entire volume of the barrel.

Rack off the preparatin after sedimentation is complete (about 16 hours for settlement with must or one to two weeks with wine).

With wine, we recommend carrying out preliminary trials to find the exact quantities needed to rebalance the wine.

Dose Rate:

  • Must: 30-80grams / 100 Litres, from the moment the grape juice begins to flow, right up to settlement.  For badly spoiled juices, the process may be carried out in the fermentation barrel using the same quantities.
  • Wine (white or rose): 20 to 60 g / 100 L, incorporated whenever a problem is detected or as a preventative measure whereever a risk has been discovered in the vats.
  • Since this product is insoluable, the product will be must more effective if blending is carried out carefully.


  • Store in a dry, well-ventilated place, free of odours, at temperatures of between 5 and 25C.
  • Once prepared, the suspension is to be used the same day.

Product of France.

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