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Novozymes FAN Boost™ improves yeast health whilst increasing brewhouse efficiency and improving beer flavour stability.

Novozymes FAN Boost™ is an endo-protease that hydrolyzes internal peptide bonds. The result is an increase in FAN levels. This enzyme is suitable if you are using high adjunct ratios with low/no proteolytic activity. Thermo-stable FAN Boost™ minimizes LOX (Lipoxygenase) activity during mashing.

In this product the key enzyme activity is provided by serine endoprotease that hydrolyzes internal peptide bonds

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Component name: Protease (Subtilisin)

Activity: 4 AU-A/g
Color: Brown
Physical form: Liquid
Approximate density (g/ml) 1.17
Color can vary from batch to batch. Color intensity is not an indication of enzyme activity.

Novozymes - FAN Boost™ - Product Data Sheet

Novozymes - FAN Boost™ - Safety Data Sheet

Novozymes - Brewing Application sheet - Fermentation control and FAN optimization - Neutrase® 0.8 L BrewQ, FAN Boost™

Key Benefits:

FAN Generation

This product hydrolyzes internal peptide bonds. This reaction supports the peptidases naturally present in cereals. That generates more FAN to increase levels in the wort.

Increased brewhouse capacity

The way this product modifies the protein matrix allows for shorter mashing times. It can also have a positive impact on wort filtration and extract yields in the brewhouse. That boosts your brewhouse capacity.

Ensure consistent fermentations

Yeast is a living organism and needs proteins to grow and multiply. This product boosts FAN levels to make more nitrogen compounds available for yeast to metabolize during fermentation. That improves the health of your yeast and ensures consistent fermentation performance.

Manage flavor control

FAN levels in the wort influence the formation of flavor compounds. These in turn impact the flavor of the resulting beer. If FAN levels are too high or too low, it can lead to off-flavors in your final beers. By helping you manage FAN levels, this product helps you avoid off-flavors in your final beer.

Improve physical stability

Physical stability is a key factor in beer quality. Proteins are a common cause of haze especially with high-barley-inclusion recipes. By degrading proteins, this product may improve the clarity of your beers.

Usage - FAN Boost

Lipoxygenase (LOX) activity is derived from malted barley and is implicated in the lipid oxidation and stale flavor formation during malting and mashing, that can later surface as defects in finished beer. LOX activity during mashing can be reduced or avoided by eliminating the standard protein rest at 45–50°C and conducting proteolysis at higher temperatures. LOX rapidly denatures at temperatures above 65°C.

Therefore, to ensure sufficient FAN and minimize LOX activity during mashing, a thermostable protease is advantageous. Novozymes offers FAN Boost™ for FAN generation at higher temperatures, ensuring high-quality FAN production and flavor stable beer.

● FAN control for improved yeast growth and stable fermentations
● Eliminate the need for standard protein rest to generate FAN, saving the brew house time and energy
● Enable high adjunct inclusion rates
● Enhanced flavor stability by avoiding Lipoxygenase (LOX) working temperature

FAN Boost™ is added at mash-in, once grist and liquor are added (do not add directly to heated liquor). The product is completely deactivated during wort boiling. The proper dosage of FAN Boost™ will depend on malt quality, adjunct ratio and FAN specification. A standard liquefaction and mashing profile is illustrated in figure 1, while a recommended liquefaction and mashing profile when using FAN Boost™ is illustrated in figure 2.

Fig 2 Standard liquefaction and mashing profile

With the addition of FAN BoostTM in the cereal cooker the standard protein rest in the main mash can be eliminated as shown in figure 3.

FAN Boost liquefaction and mashing profile

This allows for energy savings and reduction in main-mash vessel occupancy time. Also, the liquefaction and mashing profile gives the option to use the standard cereal cooker and mash tun setup, or a single vessel.


Considering a recipe of 55:45 corn grits to barley malt, a dosage of 2.5 kg FAN Boost™ per ton grist was found to be effective at producing 12 mg/L/°P of FAN in the wort. The FAN dosage recommendation for malt-wort is 10–18 mg/L/°P.

Optimum temperature:

  • 65-75°C 

Optimum pH and temperature:

FAN Boost™: The working conditions for FAN Boost™ is at normal brewing pH and a temperature of 65–75°C

Product Data:

Declared enzyme  Protease (Subtilisin)
Catalyzes the following reaction: Serine endoprotease that hydrolyzes internal peptide bonds
Declared activity 4 AU_A/g
E.C./I.U.B no.:
Physical form Liquid
Production method The enzyme is manufactured via fermentation of a microorganism not present in the final product. The production organism is not modified using modern biotechnology
Density 1.17 g/ml

More information can be found in the “Brewing Handbook”.


    Please see the Novozymes - FAN Boost™ - Product Data Sheet

    Safety, handling and storage

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