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Bitter orange is a beautiful evergreen tree and although its flowers are incredibly fragrant, the actual fruit is very sour and bitter (hence the name).  Aside from being a key ingredient in Marmalade, bitter orange peel is used in many different things including gins and spirits and liquours.

The fruit of the Citrus sinensis is considered a sweet orange, unlike that of the Citrus aurantium, considered a bitter orange.  These orange peels add the perfect amount of citrus bitterness to your brew or distillate. 

The orange most commonly used by Distillers is not the one you would usually bite into, nor make juice out of. It’s in fact the bitter orange, which is renowned for its oil-rich rind and powerful citrus aroma. Though for many distillers who simply state “orange,” we don’t always know who might be using which varieties.

The bitter orange frequently used in gin sometimes goes by “bitter orange” or “Seville Orange.”  Other common names include bigarade, marmalade orange, and sour orange. Rarely, distillers use sweet oranges as well. However, their rinds have fewer oils and therefore don’t impart as much orange flavour .


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Botanical Name: Citrus Sinensis

Country of Origin: Spain

Further Reading and Learning on Bitter Orange Peel:

Unlike Sweet Orange Peel, bitter orange peel will add a sour taste to your spirit. A great way to accomplish this is through an infusion chamber to carry over the flavor, but can also be done by letting your neutral spirit soak in the peel.