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This Pot Still is an ideal choice for those who demand maximum flavour and purity! Its 'V' shape column and user-friendly operation make for a convenient experience. Crafted with premium copper, it reveals all the delicate nuances that impart unique character to each distillate. Its condensing coil, packing, and internals are all made of pure copper for excellent quality. Plus, it's equipped with stainless steel universal connectors that can be used with garden hose fittings or ball lock disconnects - the poppet valve can be removed for a faster flow rate when needed.


Super easy operation:

  • Mount the Pot Still to the 47mm condensing lid hole on your boiler.  

  • Insert the included digital thermometer into the Pot Still’s temp probe port.

  • You’ll be able to collect up to 4.5Litres per hour of alcohol or up to 2.8Litres per hour with water.

  • Simply hook your condenser up to a coolant source that can provide 8 litres per minute of cooling water.

  • The pure, solid copper construction including condenser assists in driving sulphur out of the hot spirit in contact with the interior through catalytic conversion, resulting in higher quality spirit with fewer off flavours.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel and Pure Copper

Net Weight: ~1.55kg Product packaging

Size: 540*390*240mm

Bottom Connection: 2” Tri clamp with threaded bulkhead

Bottom Thread clearance hole: 47mm  Thermowell Size: 3.5mm max (1/8”) 

Liquid Connections: 13mm Garden hose fitting

Overall height: 300mm

Still Diameter: 50mm

Collection spout OD: 6mm

Manufactured using lead free silver soldering.