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The Quickie Tap is a Cornelius Post Dispenser Nib for when you want to get a sample, a top up or simply just to shoot a bit of sanitiser through your post.

The Quickie Tap is constructed from food grade 304 Stainless Steel.

Simple and easy to use, simply slip Quickie over your liquid post and push down.  The Quickie Tap depresses the poppet in your liquid post allowing the beverage to pass through the exit tube on its side. To stop pouring simply stop pushing down.

You can also add a small piece of tubing 6.3mm ID x 9.5mm OD to the exit tube if desired but not a necessity.

Question:  But hey, why not just use a picnic tap?

Answer:    Because, cleaning a picnic tap when all you need is a quick sample or shot of sanitiser is a royal pain. Quickie, rinses out in seconds and is ready to go again.

Question:  But why not get a cheap PC Tap, MFL Shank Adaptor, and Liquid MFL Disconnect to serve from my mini keg set up?

Answer:    You can. But, with Quickie you can bring your mini keg wherever, pop the Quickie in you pocket and dispense without having  to bring along all the extra hardware. Just add a CO2 injector and a couple of 16gram bulbs and you're off.


  • 304 Stainless Steel


  • Length = 40mm
  • Width = 20mm
  • Width with spout = 40mm