RAPT | Bluetooth Thermometer | -20 to 300C | HTC Probe


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The RAPT Bluetooth Thermometer provides reliable and accurate temperature measurements, ranging from -20C (-4F) to 300C (572F). The heat resistant probe and waterproof, Teflon-coated cable ensure long lasting performance, while the illuminated screen and adjustable auto power off/sleep mode maximize battery life. Its compatibility with other RAPT temp control products adds to its value.

The RAPT Bluetooth Thermometer is compatible with the Gen 4 BrewZillas and RAPT Temperature Controllers along with the RAPT Fermentation Chambers. It will not work without one or more of the devices listed above.

By receiving multiple BLE thermometer sensors the BrewZilla can make smarter and more automated decisions on how to control the brewing or distillation process.  For example a BLE thermometer can be placed into your coolant water so you get an alarm if the temperature is too high, a BLE thermometer can be put into the middle of the malt pipe so you can more accurately control elements switching on/off to achieve a core malt pipe temperature etc.

To Download the App use the links below:
The Google Play Android App can be downloaded via the link below.

The Apple App Store RAPT App can be downloaded via the link below.

"This app is a web mobile wrapper that allows you to browse the RAPT portal/website so that the website renders into a mobile device screen increasing usability on your device.  It also gives you the added functionality of push notifications to your mobile device."