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Experience the streamlined production of 92% proof alcohol with the Reflux Column Still.

Crafted from superior copper and stainless steel, this Reflux Still features sanitary silver solder for lasting durability. This top-notch distiller is designed to fit any boiler, plus offers easy connection to coolant water lines with both garden hose and ball lock disconnects (poppet valve removable for faster flow rate).

Plus, with the included adjustable needle valve, you can control your reflux rate with precision. Monitor temperatures with the included digital thermometer and be alerted when the run is complete with its USB-C charging and alarm function.

Utilize copper's catalytic conversion capabilities to remove sulphur, creating a higher quality spirit with fewer off flavors. 3L of 92% alcohol from a 25L wash at 6kg of sugar, and 3.8L at 8 kg, can be yours with ease! Plus, with a pump featuring 30m head height or 3000L capacitation, water efficiency.


Super easy operation:

  • Mount the Reflux Still to the 47mm condensing lid hole on your boiler.  
  • Insert the included digital thermometer into the Pot Still’s temp probe port.
  • Simply hook your condenser up to a coolant source that can provide 8 litres per minute of cooling water.

Material: 304 Stainless Steel and Pure Copper

Net Weight: ~2kg

Product packaging Size: 660*460*260mm

Bottom Connection: 2” Tri clamp with threaded bulkhead

Bottom Thread clearance hole: 47mm

Thermowell Size: 3.5mm max (1/8”)

Liquid Connections: 13mm Garden hose fitting 

Overall height: 560mm

Still Diameter: 50mm

Collection spout OD: 6mm