Rum Barrels - 200L
Rum Barrels - 200L
Rum Barrels - 200L

Rum Barrels - 200L

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Our Search is Your Satisfaction! We are thrilled to announce a NEW! partnership with a 100% Australian Owned and Run Cooperage who have a Cooperage in South Australia and in Tasmania.  We have heard our customers cries for some high quality sustainable reusable barrels with a story to tell so please read on...

We have secured an extremely small and rare supply of ex-Rum barrels available at the moment (only 10 of these Rare Rum Barrels available).

These barrels originally started off as Bourbon barrels, and were then shipped to Beenleigh Distillery, Australia’s oldest registered distillery, to be filled with rum.

The exact date of each of their first fills isn’t know, but chatting with the Coopers who spoke to their master distiller, they have confirmed that they would have been first filled in the 1990s.

Boy, oh boy can you smell it!  Our Barrel Partners took a couple of bungs out today and breathed in 20+ years of rum maturation. The aromas are of intense Rum and Raisin, with hints of vanilla, and a good dose of spice thrown in as well. They smell amazing!

These barrels are 200L, and priced to SELL OUT FAST! 

Marketing Notice - Buyer Beware!

These barrels have spent their later part of their life housing premium independent family owned Aussie Rum.  Their logos have been shaved from the barrels and under no circumstances are customers allowed to leverage or use the former distillers names in the marketing of their own beverages should you be a commercial brewer or distiller who is keen to use their barrels.  By all means you are allowed store your beer or spirit in these barrels and give them another generous life and your allowed to market the story but you are NOT ALLOWED to mention any brand(s) that formerly housed amazing wine or spirit in these wonderful barrels.