Silicon Bung - Bored - Solid - 36-45 mm


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Pure silicone bungs that are available bored to fit an airlock or solid for sealing purposes. The bungs are tapered and start at the base 36mm wide to the top of the bung at 45mm wide. The have a long durable life span made of high quality food grade silicon easy to clean and use for home brewing, cider, mead or wine making. Silicon bungs do not perish or leach chemicals or aromas like rubber bungs. They are made with food grade silicon and can handle temperatures up to 180°C. They also have excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of acid and alkaline cleaners and sanitisers.


  • Top diameter: 45 mm
  • Bottom diameter: 36 mm
  • Length: 48 mm


  • Bored

Suitable fit for the following Fermenters: