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Sodium benzoate is a salt of benzoic acid that is found naturally in cranberries, prunes, plums, apples, and other fruits. It is soluble in water and works against yeast and bacteria. It is generally believed that sodium benzoate is safe and harmless, and is often used as a preservative in food. Sodium benzoate is a white sodium benzoate prill or crystalline sodium benzoate powder, odorless or slightly with a benzoin odor, slightly sweet taste, astringent taste, stable in the air, easily soluble in water, its aqueous solution pH of 8, soluble in ethanol.


A white, almost odourless, crystalline powder or Prill.


  • Preservative in food commonly used in fruit pies, jams, beverages, salads, relishes, and sauerkraut—foods that have an acidic pH.
  • Soft Drinks
  • Hard Sodas, RTDs, Premixed Drinks
  • As chemical preservatives:  Sodium benzoate is frequently used in processed foods to prevent the growth of bacteria, yeast, or other unwanted microorganisms that could spoil your food. When sodium benzoate is combined with water, benzoic acid is produced. Benzoic acid is the active form of the preservative - the form that protects foods.
  • Sodium benzoate is often combined with potassium sorbate in low pH products in order to benefit from the ingredients’ synergistic effects against yeast and mold.

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Country of Origin: Product of China