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Sodium bicarbonate is a salt that breaks down to form sodium and bicarbonate in water. This makes a solution alkaline, meaning it's able to neutralize acid.

Sodium Bicarbonate is also a pH buffer and can be used to adjust the pH in a high sugar (sucrose, fructose, molasses etc) distillers wash.  Raises Residual Alkalinity and mash pH.

Sodium Bicarbonate is suitable for brewing dark beers, which require a CO32-concentration of at least 150 ppm. It is used for increasing Residual Alkalinity in the brewing water as well as raising the mash pH. Additions can be put in the brewing water or directly into the mash.

Baking soda is the primary leavening ingredient in most baked goods. When combined with an acidic ingredient present in the batter, a chemical reaction occurs under high temperatures. Carbon dioxide bubbles, which promote rising in cakes, cookies, and other baked goods, are produced.

Sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline compound and, as such, it neutralizes acidic substances.  Distillers use Sodium bicarbonate to buffer pH and raise pH in high acid washes to help the yeast and fermentation.

Dosage Guidance:

  • Brewers: Used for increasing Residual Alkalinity in the brewing water as well as raising the mash pH.
  • Distillers: Add sodium bicarbonate at 1g/Litre (per final volume) to help buffer your fermentations.  Particularly useful in high sugar or fructose fermentations e.g. Molasses Rum Washes, Agave Syrup Washes or Sugar Vodka Washes.

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About Natural Soda

Natural Soda produces pure, natural sodium bicarbonate from its extensive nahcolite leases which cover more than 9,400 acres at our processing facility located in the Piceance Creek Basin in Colorado. The Piceance Creek Basin contains North America’s only known significant deposit of nahcolite and Natural Soda is currently the only company taking advantage of this world class resource. For customers and distributors, this means our recovered nahcolite guarantees you a pure and reliable source of natural sodium bicarbonate.

Natural Soda, with our access to this world-class natural resource, is a major producer of sodium bicarbonate products to the food, pharmaceutical, industrial and animal feed markets. Natural Soda produces pure, high quality sodium bicarbonate while ensuring the health and safety of our workforce and the protection of the environment.

How It’s Made

Natural Soda uses solution mining and a cooling crystallization process to produce its high quality sodium bicarbonate. Bicarb-saturated brine is brought into the plant at high temperatures and cooled repeatedly, causing crystals to form and ‘fall out’ of the solution. Excess water is then removed via high speed centrifuges (spin dryers). The resultant damp crystal mass is further dried, screened, and packed in accordance with industry-designated specifications – all while maintaining stringent quality accreditation standards.