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Sodium Citrate, a natural salt of citric acid, adds a sour taste and serves as a preservative in many foods. Commonly found in soda, it is used to regulate acidity, stabilize, and enhance flavor. A slight acidic flavor, it quickly decreases the acidity of food and liquids. Sodium citrate buffers carbonated drinks and intensifies their flavor, and it also creates a longer-lasting taste in lemony beverages. Additionally, it can help prevent browning of fruits and vegetables. In soft drinks, the optimal ratio for its combination with citric acid is 0.04-0.19 parts sodium citrate to 1 part citric acid. It comes to the rescue in sports drinks, providing the desired electrolytes. If you are looking to develop either an alcoholic soda or non-alcoholic sode - sodium citrate is your friend!


  • Beverages
  • Alcoholic Beverages Carbonated Soft Drinks
  • Instant Drinks, Syrups, Juice Drinks
  • Tea and Coffee, Sports and Energy Drinks
  • Waters
Within this market, citric acid or its salts perform several functions. The dominant application is for flavor enhancement. Many of the lemon, lime or citrus soft drinks available today use citric acid as a way of enhancing the tangy, zesty flavor consumers associate with these tropical fruit flavours. Additionally, citric acid can help provide consistency in acidity and flavor of fruit juices or fruit cordials.

If used together with sodium citrate, it is possible for citric acid to help maintain the flavor of other types of soft drinks without adding to the tanginess. Sodium citrate can also provide a cool saline taste.

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Country of Origin: Product of China