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These super hop tubes are made from 304 stainless steel and is ideal for adding larger amounts of hop pellets, flowers or spices to your Kettle without blocking the pump!

These SS Hop Tubes  can also be used in your Brewhouse Kettle/Boiler, Keg, and Fermenter.

NOTE: It can not fit in a standard 50L Keg as the opening is not wide enough.

The fine mesh will prevent large particles from blocking the dip tube, pumps or chillers.

This Stainless Steel Hop Tube will hold approximately 150g of hop pellets, allowing for some space to permit full extraction of the hop oils.  Ideal for dry hopping in the keg and can also be used for fruits, wood chips, spices and more. Includes a small ring so it can be hung from the keg lid or side of the vessel.