The Sampler - Wine or Beer Thief

The Sampler - Wine or Beer Thief

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The Sampler allows you to take hydrometer readings with no siphoning or pouring. Once you take the reading, simply press the touch tip valve against the wall of the container and empty The Sampler, mess and waste free. BPA Free Length: 53cm Maximum Temperature: 60 °C (140 °F). The Sampler tip drips from time to time, give the tip a tug so the inner gasket will accommodate properly. The Sampler makes it easy to take samples from your carboy or fermenter, or barrel especially if you do not have a tap. It is also specially designed to fit a hydrometer inside so it is possible to take a sample and hydrometer reading, then return the sample back to your fermenter - just be careful to ensure everything is sterilised before taking a sample.

Guidance for use:

1. The Sampler enables you to easily take samples from your fermenter, demijohn or barrel.

Note: does not fit in the neck of most 5 litre size demijohns

Excellent for taking samples from 25 litre fermenters or demijohns 2. The chamber allows you to also take hydrometer readings directly in the wine thief, eliminating the need to transfer the sample to a test jar. Simply place the hydrometer in the chamber then insert the thief in your wine or beer and remove the sample. The hydrometer will float freely 3. It is made from high quality extra clear food grade you can easily see the hydrometer scale. 4. Simply touch the bottom of the wine thief on the side of your fermenter to release the liquid back. Works best in larger fermenters where the thief can be pushed down a long way to fill with liquid.

Made in: Canada

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