Tirage Crown Seals 29mm - Bottle Caps

Tirage Crown Seals 29mm - Bottle Caps

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Premium quality light weight silver top aluminium and plastic lined crown seals for bottling your beer in champagne\sparkling wine type reusable glass bottles (RGBs).

These high quality crown caps for sealing your home brew beer are 100% recyclable and made by one of the world's largest and highest quality manufacturers in the closure business. Rest assured your quality brew will note be ruined by a poor seal!

Note: bottle capper with tirage bell will be required.

Pack Size:

  • Available in bags of 100 Tirage Crown Seals
  • Available in carton of 6,000 Tirage Crown Seals


  • Available in silver top for ease of labelling your homebrewed beer or home made beverage of choice

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