Ultra Stir | Compact Variable Speed Stir Plate With Magnetic Stir Bar

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Ultra Stir is a small, easy-to-use stir plate designed to help brewers cultivate healthy yeast in larger amounts affordably. Yeast multiplication requires aeration, which can be achieved by stirring. Ultra Stir allows brewers to create ideal yeast starters and ensure fermentation success with every batch. It features an Australian-approved power cord and a magnetic stir bar, as well as a 3 Watt design that enables brewers to select variable stir speeds of up to 2500 RPM.

*Use caution when using larger flasks 

3000ml Borosilicate Erlenmyer Conical Flask

Brewers can get a better idea of how large a starter to grow by using this YEAST CALCULATOR

We recommend a starter wort made from Light Dry Malt Extract to a gravity of approx. 1.030.


  • Length = 120mm
  • Width = 120mm
  • Height = 30mm
  • Weight = 0.4kg
  • Speed = Variable up to 2500 RPM max.

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