Ultratap | Auto Close Spring


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Attachment for Ultra Tap to upgrade your tap to auto close.  This spring can be used with the standard Ultra Taps as well as the Ultratap Twist.  To use with the Ultratap Twist simply add the extra attachment to the end of the spring as seen in the pictures.

Auto Close Spring For Ultratap Twist

When you want the handle on your Ultratap Twist Flow Control Faucet to return to close automatically when you let it go after opening the tap for pouring, you need this spring.

The spring is designed to fit the unique flow control feature at the back of the tap and will sit between your tap and your shank or Kinglok fitting.

Insert the included small disk with the narrow stem onto the narrow end of the spring.

The stem inserts into the hole in the center of the Twist Tap's end cap at the back of the faucet.

The normal Ultratap Auto Close spring will not work when using Ultratap Twist.

You will need these springs specifically to get the auto close feature on your Twist Tap.

All Stainless Steel Construction.