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UniGrain Unmalted Rolled or Flaked Triticale is traditionally dehulled triticale grains that have been steamed and rolled into flat flakes under heavy rollers.  The quality of UniGrain Rolled Triticale comply with all relevant food standards and regulations.

Triticale (genus X Triticosecale) is a cereal crop developed by human intervention from crosses between wheat (genus Triticum) and rye (genus Secale). It has been developed to incorporate the high yield potential and quality of wheat and the adaptability of rye and is adapted to a wide range of soil types and environments.

Triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye. It combines the yield potential and grain quality of wheat with the disease and environmental tolerance of rye. Triticale carries the flavor components of both spice rye and nutty wheat flavor.

UniGrain Rolled Triticale Flakes have been produced specifically for brewing, developing characteristics necessary for easy and efficient use in a brewhouse. The process of gelatinizing makes the starches readily soluble and digestible by the naturally occurring enzymes in barley malt. This allows the flakes to be incorporated directly into the mash with other grains.

There is no need to mill Rolled Triticale Flakes. However, they can be put through the mill if that is the easiest means of adding them to the mash.

Rolled Triticale adds more sharp intense flavour than malted Triticale. UniGrain Rolled Triticale must be mashed in conjunction with a base malt to assist with conversion.

Product of Australia. Australian Grown and Locally Milled by UniGrain.

Typical Use:

Start at 5-10% and increase in increments of 5% because of the concentrated flavor

Addition of triticale at rates up to 25% of the grist can enhance the foam stability and substantially reduced the amount of polyphenols derived from malt.

Use up to 30% as a cereal adjunct in the total grist to create Rye Beers, Belgian Wit Beer, Amber Ales and MultiGrain Beers.

Brewing with triticale shares the same considerations as brewing with wheat or rye. Compared to wheat, it has a higher protein content, resulting in excellent head retention. It has a high fiber content, which can produce greater haze in the beer, and which can be filtered out just like wheat if desired. Like brewing with wheat and rye, triticale has the potential for causing a dreaded stuck mash. Therefore, similar to mashing with wheat or rye, flavor-neutral rice hulls should be added to the grist (1-4% of the total grist weight).

Typical Usage Rate:

  • Up to 30% of the grist

Complementary Malts:

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Batch Analysis:

Typical Specification:

GRANULATION TEST: (Retsch AS200 - 100g – 1 minute – Amp setting 60)

Thickness (mm) 1.2 
Remaining on US#8 (% minimum) 90
Passing through US#20 (%maximum) 2


Ash (%) 1.62
Carbohydrates (%) 61.0
Total DF: (%) 12.2
Energy (kJ/100g) 1420
Fat (%) 2.6

Fatty Acids:

Monounsaturated fat (%)

Polyunsaturated fat (%)

Saturated fat (%)

Trans fat (%)






Protein 11.2
Sodium (mg/100g) 2.6
Sugars (%) 1.1
Moisture (%) 12.5 maximum

This is an agricultural product, seasonal variation may occur.

Shelf Life:

  • At least one year when stored properly in dry conditions.

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UniGrain has a proud and successful record in the cereal, grain and pulse milling sectors in Australia, with a history dating back to the 1970s. UniGrain mills oats from both its Victoria and West Australian mills and have now grown to become one of the largest users and millers of oats in the Asia Pacific region. All products milled at UniGrain sites are sourced locally, and like BeerCo.com.au UniGrain pride themselves on their commitment and long term relationship with Australian growers.

BeerCo.com.au are pleased to be UniGrain's exclusive distribution partner to the Australian Brewing and Distilling Industry of their premium quality unmalted cereals. Check out the range below and drop us a line with any trade or wholesale inquiries to Service@BeerCo.com.au