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Released in 1976 from the USDA breeding program, Willamette is a triploid seedling of English Fuggle. For years, it was the most widely grown aroma variety in the US. It is named after Oregon’s Willamette River which runs through the heart of the state’s hop growing region. Willamette is an aroma hop primarily and most successfully produced in Oregon due to its growth characteristics. Its English-type aroma is often described as pleasant with a hint of spice and a smooth, soft flavor.


  • Type 90 Hop Pellets

Pack Sizes:

  • 100g
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  • Floral, Fruity, Herbal
  • Specific aroma descriptors include floral, incense, and elderberry.

Brewing Values:

  • Crop: 2023

Typical Brewing Values

  • HPLC Alpha 4.1
  • HPLC Beta 3.2
  • HPLC Co-Humulone 29.5
  • HPLC Colupulone 51.3
  • Mebak Alpha 75 4.9
  • LCV Alpha 74 NA
  • Oil B Pinene 0.36
  • Oil Myrcene 25.85
  • Oil Linalool 0.47
  • Oil Caryophyllene 13.37
  • Oil Farnesene 7.28
  • Oil Humulene 35.2
  • Oil Geraniol 0.12
  • Analysis Method UV Spectro by ASBC Hops-6A (w/w) Hop Storage Index by ASBS Hops-12 Total Oil by ASBC Hops-13 (%v/w) Total Oil Profile by ASBC Hops-17 HPLC by EBC Analytica V 7.8 LCV by EBC Analytica V 7.5

Brewing Uses:

  • Brown Ales
  • English-Style Ales
  • Pale Ales
  • Porters