Wormwood | Artenesia absinthum


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Wormwood has been used for centuries dating back to Ancient Egypt where it was used in flavouring wine.  It was also used as a precursor to hops in bittering beer in Europe.

Today wormwood is usually used in conjunction with liquorice and fennel in wines and liqueurs.  It is probably most well known for is appearance in absinthe and vermouth.

The Mediterranean herb has a pungent aroma, that gives a silvery bitter flavour. 

Wormwood, a pungent, silvery Mediterranean herb, produces volatile oils and bitter compounds that add a kind of mentholated bitterness to aromatized wines and liquers, but it is not usually the primary flavour.  In fact, absinthe tastes more like licorice, thanks to another main ingredient, anise. But wormwood gives it its reputation.


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Common Name: Wormwood

Botanical Name: Artenesia absinthum

Country of Origin: Hungary