Yalumba - Octaves - X Starward Whisky X Yalumba Shiraz Red Wine Barrels - 100 Litres


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More about these Rare Yalumba - Octaves - The Octavius Shiraz Red Wine Barrels - 100 Litres X Starward Whisky.  We took a bung out of one for a sniff! Oh me oh my these X Yalumba X Starward Whisky barrels smell devine!  

These 100L Octaves are a unique and rare barrel style.  These barrels were made by the Yalumba cooperage, using premium American Oak, and are the only new oak barrels in the world to be coopered in this size. Used to mature their iconic red wine, the Octavius, these barrels have had approximately 6 fills of premium Barossa Shiraz. As far as red wine barrels go, there is nothing more unique and iconic than these barrels…. except of course for this exact parcel of these barrels….

After being released from the world-famous Yalumba winery, these barrels were then sent to a world-class distillery where they held Australian single-malt whisky for a further 3 years. We cannot reveal the name of the distillery or whisky that last used these barrels, but their whisky is superb, and these barrels smell rich with whisky flavours. Please note that these barrels have had the side bung sealed and glued, and a new top bung added for filling and emptying.

Yalumba operates the Southern Hemisphere’s only fully operational Cooperage, crafting bespoke oak barrels that elevate the wines aged within them.  With an emphasis on crafting bespoke barrels from the ground up.  The only winery in the Southern Hemisphere to have an operational, on-site winery cooperage. Yalumba select the oak, then their two full-time Coopers, Shaun and Corey, carefully craft it into barrels that add unique flavour, complexity and aroma to our wines.

Yalumba 100L Octaves: A unique and rare barrel style, these barrels were made by the Yalumba cooperage, using premium American Oak, and are the only new oak barrels in the world to be coopered in this size. Used to mature their iconic red wine, The Octavius Shiraz, these barrels have had approximately 6 fills of premium Big Bold as Barossa Shiraz. As far as red wine barrels go, there is nothing more unique and iconic than these barrels.

Size and Details:

  • 100 Litres (26 US gallons) ex-Yalumba Red Wine ex-Whisky Octaves Barrels
  • Note: Bungs are in end of barrel and bung hole on side of barrel has been sealed to store standing upright!
  • Head: 43cm Diameter
  • Bilge: 52cm Wide
  • Height: 74cm Height
  • Pallet of 4 x 100L Barrels: 117cm W x 117cm D x 90cm H

Marketing Notice - Buyer Beware!

These barrels have spent the greater part of their life housing premium independent Fine Australian Wine and Whisky.  The logos may or may not be shaved from the barrels prior to shipping and under no circumstances are customers allowed to leverage or use the former winemakers and/or distillers name in the marketing of their own beverages should you be a commercial brewer or distiller who is keen to use these barrels for commercial spirits or beer.  By all means you are allowed to store and age your beer and/or spirit in these barrels and give them another generous life and your allowed to market the story of your product but you are NOT ALLOWED to mention any brand(s) that formerly housed amazing wine in these wonderful barrels.

More Information on Barrel Making at Yalumba:

Yalumba import their oak from the best forests in the world. Once seasoned, the oak is delivered into the hands of the Yalumba Coopers to be fashioned into barrels. After being carefully cut and manipulated into shape, the Yalumba Coopers fire the barrels to toast the wood.  The Yalumba Coopers employ a long, slow, medium toast, which penetrates deep into the staves. This process results in a delicate toast that provides the winemakers with greater control and consistency, and elevates the natural aromas of the wine.

More Information on Whisky Making at Starward:

Starward Projects is a program which allows our Starward distillers to experiment with different whiskies and create flavour forward and unique expressions. Each release is limited and once it’s sold out, it’s gone.

We aged Octave Barrels in Yalumba’s iconic The Octavius Shiraz barrels. It's a single malt where raisin, anise and caramel flavours meld with rich, dark fruits.

It took some of the world’s oldest Shiraz plantings, Australia’s oldest family-owned winery and Starward’s progressive red-wine-barrel maturation to make this distinctly Australian single malt.

When a whisky speaks to Australia’s wine heritage - and Australia's whisky future - you know it’ll be delicious. Especially when it brings the bold flavours you’d expect from Barossa Shiraz barrel maturation.

Think Barossa Shiraz, and you may well think Yalumba’s The Octavius. This iconic Australian Shiraz is the world’s only red wine aged in 100L octave-sized barrels. Once The Octavius was bottled, freshly emptied barrels were sent to Port Melbourne and filled with Starward’s signature single malt.

These American oak barrels aged our whisky more intensely. The smaller volume created more wood-whisky interaction, allowing this single malt to soak up more celebrated The Octavius Shiraz characteristics as it fully matured.