Freyja | Jan 2024 | BeerCo Brewing and Distilling News

Freyja | Jan 2024 | BeerCo Brewing and Distilling News

Dermott DowlingJan 9, '24

Freyja was in charge of love, fertility, battle, and death. Pigs were sacred to her, and she rode a boar with golden bristles. A chariot drawn by cats was another of her vehicles.

Happy New Beers and Spirits and Sparkling Meads!

Hop you are well and off to a flying start to 2024! Whether your riding a boar with golden bristles or being pulled along on a chariot drawn by cats, as long as your moving forward you are on your way to becoming a Norse legend! This month Freyja the Norse god of love, fertility, battle and death has inspired another Mead Recipe Kit. We are also delighted to report we landed some more Organic Raw Blue Agave Syrup from Mexico just before Christmas and a shipment of the finest ex Whisky | ex PX Barrels for you to kick off your New Year Brewing, Distilling and Making in style!

We have so much NEWS to share! We better get right on it!

Organic Raw Blue Agave Syrup is back in stock! $219.95 inc GST / 25Kg and we are pleased to share with you some more information about How Raw Agave Syrup became a Millennial Treasure of Mexican Culture thanks to our good friend Karla at our supply partners Best Ground International in Mexico.

30 Litre Oak Barrels | ex Callington Mill | ex Pedro Ximénez $349.95 inc GST. Recently disgorged and landed, these first fill ex-Whisky barrels smell devine with the remnants of the finest well rested Tasmanian Single Malt Whisky and subtle overtones of Pedro Ximénez Sherry from the Sherry Triangle, Spain. Strictly Limited Stock! Move quickly!

NEW! LalBrew® LoNa™ Low Alcohol Hybrid Ale Yeast 500g is here! $345.95 inc. GST. LalBrew® LoNa™ is a maltose-negative hybrid strain that has been selected to have ideal characteristics for the production of low and non-alcoholic beers.

Back in Stock! Cascade AU Hops | Crop 2023 | $8.95/100 - $313.25/5Kg (SAVE 30% OFF 100g Price)

Back in Stock! Mangrove Jack's | Hard Seltzer Yeast and Nutrient $5.65 inc GST / 25g Sachet. Formulated for making hard seltzer alcohol bases with a clean and neutral flavour and aroma profile.

NEW! BeerCo Coconut Blavour $139.95/1Kg - $1,495.95/15Kg (SAVE 29% OFF 1Kg Price). BeerCo Coconut Blavour organoleptics are: Fresh, creamy coconut with milky notes. Possible applications could include: Vodka, Rum, Canned Cocktails, RTDs, Beers (Porters, Pastry Stouts).

NEW! BeerCo Banana Blavour $102.95/1Kg - $1,099.95/15Kg (SAVE 29% OFF 1Kg Price). BeerCo Banana Blavour organoleptics are: Confectionery, spice, ripe. Possible applications could include: Rum, Vodka, Gin, Beer, RTDs, Cocktails.

NEW! Equipment

KegMaster Chilli $649.95 intro price! Are you looking for a temperature control unit that provides powerful chilling or heating in an effective, compact design? Well, you need to look no further!

What you might need to purchase if you do not already have it:

Insulated Cooling Lines Kit $70.95

DuelTemp Vest | Heating & Cooling $49.95

NEW! Mead Recipe Kit

Freyja | Sparkling Lemon Ginger | Mead Recipe Kit

$59.95 for 6 Litres Small Batch $89.95 for 19 Litres Batch size

In Norse mythology, Freyja is a goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and magic for seeing and influencing the future. We think Freyja is a fitting title for this delightful lemon and ginger sparkling mead that will weave some magic on your taste buds and help you see and influence your future in a most delightful way.

That's enough from me for now! There's beer to brewed happy, spirits to be distilled safely and mead to be made and enjoyed responsibly!

cheers #brewhappy #distilsafely #makemerry always

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How Raw Agave Syrup became a Millennial Treasure of Mexican Culture

Freyja Lemon and Ginger Mead Recipe Kit is a sessionable sparkling mead perfect for the last of the long summer days and nights!

Freyja Lemon Ginger Sparkling Mead Kit
Freyja | Sparkling Lemon Ginger | Mead Recipe Kit

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