Carl | Feb 2024 | BeerCo Brewing and Distilling News

Carl | Feb 2024 | BeerCo Brewing and Distilling News

Dermott DowlingFeb 9, '24

Carl : Prof. Carl von Linde discovered a refrigeration cycle and invented the first industrial-scale air separation and gas liquefaction processes. Linde was the first to develop a practical refrigeration system that was specifically designed for keeping fermenting and maturing beer cool.

Hey there Brewers and Distillers and Makers!

Where would we be without the wonderful invention of refrigeration - tanks Carl! Hop you are well and enjoying responsibly some ice cold beverages this Febrewery! We have certainly seen the weather warm up here in Melbrewin' this month and we honour Carl with his own Carl | Dortmunder Lager Brewers Recipe Kit this month. Lots of other exciting news to share as well...

Harvest 2023 US Hops are landing...with first freshies in the coolroom including...Citra, Mosaic, Centennial and Amarillo T90 Hop Pellets with more due to land end of Febrewery! Check out our great value Hop Specials on past harvest years as we land #Freshies

30 Litre Oak Barrels | ex Callington Mill Peated Whisky | ex Pedro Ximénez $349.95 inc GST. Recently disgorged and landed, these first fill ex- Peated Whisky barrels smell devine with the remnants of the finest well rested smokey Tasmanian Peated Malt Whisky and subtle overtones of Pedro Ximénez Sherry. Strictly Limited Stock! Only 9 Barrels! Move quickly!

30L Oak Whisky Barrels | ex Callington Mill | ex Oloroso Sherry $349.95 inc GST. Our last shipment SOLD OUT FAST! We secured some more freshly decanted and they smell devine. Freshly disgorged, first fills. Run don't walk!

NEW! Angel AG-2 Distillers Yeast $64.95 inc GST / 500g Brick Suitable for producing of wheat, corn and other grain whiskies.

NEW! Peach Blavour Organoleptics are: White peach, juicy, flesh, ripe, confectionery, woody. Available in 800g, 4Kg (SAVE 20%) and 15Kg Canisters (SAVE 35%).

NEW! Lemon Lime Vlavour is a Vacuum Distillate flavour extraction from fresh Aussie Eureka Lemons and Limes. Floral fresh citrus nose with light delicate mid palete followed by lingering oily finish. Rich palete with full, true to type citrus character of whole lemons and limes. Available in 200g, 1Kg (SAVE 20%), 4Kg (SAVE 31%) and 10Kg Sizes (SAVE 36%).

NEW! Novozymes | Lumista® Gold $2,182.95 / 25 Kg - has landed. Novozynes Lumista® Gold reduces the amount of haze-active proteins, increasing the colloidal stability of beer while leaving all other properties unchanged. Pack downs available in 1Kg / $121.95 and 5Kg / $487.95 as Benzyme LG | Prolyl Oligopeptidase Liquid Enzymes Maintain colloidal stability throughout shelf-life. Gluten reduction. Reduce gluten in beers based on barley and/or wheat malts (*country regulation dependent).

NEW! Brewers Recipe Kit

Carl | Dortmunder Lager | BeerCo All Grain Brewers Recipe Kit

$49.95 un/milled dry yeast $54.95 un/milled liquid yeast

In 1881, Carl von Linde himself equipped the Dortmunder Actien Brauerei (DAB) brewery with one of his refrigeration machines, allowing for a boom in bottom-fermented lager beer. Carl's brilliance enabled DAB to be exported around the world and popularised the Dortmunder Export Lager style with drinkers due to its classic full malt bodied taste, traditional noble hop character and of course cold and clean fermentation and refreshment! Prost!

That's enough from me for now! There's beer being brewed, spirits being distilled safely and mead being made and enjoyed responsibly!

cheers #brewhappy #distilsafely #makemead always

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