Avoid All Rye Contact - Rye Pale Ale - How to brew - Beer Recipe

Avoid All Rye Contact - Rye Pale Ale - How to brew - Beer Recipe

Dermott Dowling
Hey brewers, we love to share recipes from customers who love to brew like pros at home and this is one that sounds so good I think I better fire up the mash tun and get brewing it myself.  Thanks Daniel Bartholomaeus from SA for sharing this super smashable "Avoid All Rye Contact - Rye Pale Ale" that's enough from us on with the recipe and real show - cheers #brewhappy #sharewhatweknow #itshowwegrowasbrewers BeerCo: How did you get into brewing? Dan B: Buying craft beer was getting too expensive and I needed a new hobby. Having tried the Cooper’s kit 10 years ago and taking a massive dislike to bottling I decided to go “all-in” 4 years ago going all-grain and serving from a keezer and have never looked back! BeerCo: What is your favourite style to brew? Dan B: Hop forward Ales including American Pale and Amber Ales and IPAs. BeerCo: What are you planning to brew next? Dan B: It’s time for an American Stout which is drifting toward Black IPA territory. I have a bunch of homegrown Cascade and Chinook hops that are desperately keen to jump into boiling wort!

Avoid All Rye Contact

Brewer & Author:

Daniel Bartholomaeus Well up until this brew I have avoided all Rye contact but for no real reason. It just had not come around to the top of list of things to try until 3 years had passed by in my all grain brewing career. The inspiration for this beer was Jamil's Heretic Brewing Gramarye - A session ale with a wonderful mouthfeel and snappy rye finish. For Rye lovers you can certainly up the Rye and back off on the Crystal Malts.  So here is Avoid All Rye Contact - Rye Pale Ale we hop you enjoy brewing your own at home

Vital Stats:

  • Batch Size 20 L
  • Boil Time 90 min
  • Efficiency 80.00%
  • OG 1.045
  • FG 1.012
  • IBU 30
  • ABV 4.50%
  • SRM 9

Gladfield Malt Bill

%     Kg Gladfield Malt

100% 3.70 Kg


Use          grams Variant Time



0. Water Treatment - I treat my filtered Adelaide water with Gypsum, Epsom, Calcium Chloride and Phosphoric Acid to hit the Pale Ale water profile from Bru'n Water which typically suits hoppy beers 1. Mash - the brewer should do normal mash regime, mashing at 68 C for at least 60 mins 2. Sparge - once again the brewer should do normal regime at around 80C 3. Boil - vigorous boil for 90 mins (Whirlfloc tablet and Yeast Nutrient at 5 mins remaining in the boil) 4. Hops: Add 10g of Columbus @ 60 mins then 30g of Amarillo and 30g of Centennial for a 10 minute whirlpool/stand 5. Yeast & Fermentation - Aerate/oxygenate well and ferment at 19C until FG is reached 6. When a stable FG is reached dry hop for 3 days with 30g each of Amarillo and Centennial 6. Rack, chill and carbonate (medium to high) then condition for 2 weeks.

References and Sources of Inspiration:

Thanks for Dan B for sharing such an awesome brewing recipe :-) - if you have one you want to share with us pen us a note to dermott@beerco.com.au and we will post it out on our blog and recipe library.  Share what you know its how we all grow as brewers and working to together we will rid this world of beer poverty one good brew at a time - Amen! I'll drink to that - preferably an Avoid Rye Contact | Rye Pale Ale cheers #brewhappy