The Mule - American Amber Ale

The Mule - American Amber Ale

Daniel Mahoney
Everyone has a mate who goes above and beyond in the call of duty to find great beer abroad, equipment, yeast, or whatever you name and brings it in from some far flung land to you so you can brew something out of the ordinary or enjoy some fresh craft beer from a far flung land.  In our case Gus is our mule and he is always delivering parcels of joy from his travels abroad and past delights have included everything from a Ninkasi Total Domination IPA to a Widmer Brothers Drop Top Amber Ale and more so we felt we best honour our hero with an American Amber Ale brewed on home turf as we know he is particularly found of Anderson Valley Boont Amber Ale .  Taking a few clues from The Jamil Show - Can You Brew It  on the real deal and adding a few of our own subtle twists we came up with our take on a classic American Amber Ale and we rather like it!  Hope you do too if you brew it and please do feel free to share with us your thoughts and feedback - cheers! and here is the recipe:

BeerCo American Amber Ale

an All Grain American Amber Ale by Dermott Dowling

Vital Stats

  • 1.061 OG / 1.020 FG
  • 39 IBU
  • 16 SRM
  • 5.3% ABV
  • Batch Size 21.0 L
  • Boil Time 60 min

Gladfield Malt Bill


Amount     Hop                               Time     Use Form AA
  • 20 g Chinook (US)               60 min Boil Pellet 13.3%
  • 10 g Crosby Cascade (US)   15 min Boil Pellet 6.8%
  • 10 g Crosby Cascade (US)   10 min Boil Pellet 6.8%
  • 10 g Crosby Cascade (US)    5 min Boil Pellet 6.8%
  • 200 g Garden Grown Cascade (AU) 0 min Boil Whole Leaf 5.0%
  • 2g/L Crosby Cascade (US) + 1g/L Centennial US Hops dry hop for 72 hours secondary fermentation


Alternative British Ale Dry Yeast you could use include


  • Pitch Yeast at 18C and let rise to 20C
  • Dry Hop with 2g/L of Cascade and 1g/L of Centennial 72 hours prior to bottling after primary fermentation and/or racking.